Venezuela and Iran, the Hawks of The OPEC

Why is the US so insisting about the Iranian Nuclear Program ? Why is Hugo Chavez so negatively targeted by the US as the new “Red Power” in Latin America ? Why is the couple Iran/Venezuela the new “Axis Of Evil” to the Americans ? Well the answer is easy. These two major producing and exporting nations are nowadays involved in an economic war against the US. As it is well-known, the US’s greatest weakness is its dependence on oil and when we know that these two countries are major players in the OPEC, number one petroleum countries club (or “cartel” according to some) in the World, we can make the relation between the “eco-war” they launched and its effective results on Western economies. Furthermore, they are now joined by Non-Aligned countries Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia and China (who joined them for ideological purposes as well as economic ones as China is number two oil importing nation in the World after the US). These countries’ only aim is to gain independence from the Industrialized Block (Northern America and Europe, Japan staying neutral when it comes to such situation while belonging to the major industrialized countries or “Triad”) and specifically from the US Dollar and indirectly from the Petrodollar. But alike the crisis in 1973, the increase of oil prices benefits major international oil companies implanted in oil producing nations and involved directly with the owning of the oil-related infrastructure in these countries, and on the contrary, the situation is catastrophic for smaller oil companies qualified as intermediary (those which’s role is to sell directly to the consumer refined and transformed crude oil without owning geographic concessions for the direct exploitation of oilfields). So naturally, the benefit margin for the major corporations is huge as if compared, the price of crude oil and the price of gasoline by liter for instance are really far from one another knowing that the difference between these two is to go to the oil companies’ CEOs, boards of directors and shareholders. After the IEAE vote concerning the Iranian Nuclear Program, it becomes now crystal clear that this new “Third World Opposition Force” on the international scene is composed of Iran and the countries who voted against IEAE sanctions namely Syria, Cuba and Venezuela. Venezuela even withdrew its appointed officials in israel (including the Venezuelan Ambassador) during the Lebanon Month War of 2006 opposing israel and Hezbollah without sending them back until now.

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