Global Warming and Oil Companies

Nowadays, global warming is a very concerning issue related to the welfare of the whole planet. All must be concerned about this very dangerous phenomenon that is occurring by our fault. When one knows than nearly forty percent of the global warming causes occur directly from automobile and airplane traffic, we are tempted to wonder what are oil companies, who directly supply or own these sources of global warming, doing to prevent further destruction of global environment fragile equilibrium. When facing the general public opinion awakening and awareness of the problem, major oil companies, who are pointed to as responsible for global warming by the average consumer, tend to begin financing and engaging campaigns for encouraging fight against the phenomenon as well as financing renewable energies technologies, sometimes against their will but at risk of loosing their consumers if fail to do so. It is the case of BP (British Petroleum) whose United Kingdom established CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Peter Mather declared that “An increasing number of members of the public want to do their bit and have a direct impact. Our research shows that people are aware of it but they don't quite know what to do about it” and insisted about the fact that “it’s not about market share but about doing the right thing”. But eventhough industrialized countries seem to wake up and governments taking the right decisions such as the greatest achievement when it comes to fight Global Warming, The Kyoto Protocol. It was adopted on the eleventh on December nineteen ninety-seven and consists in penalizing companies established on national territory not respecting the maximum allowed CO2 Gas emission. As of two thousand and seven, only sixty percent of countries in terms of global CO2 emission have ratified the protocol, and this excluding the number one oil-consuming and as such biggest polluting country in the World, The United States Of America. But eventhough the US did not sign the protocol, public opinion nevertheless puts pressure on oil companies and the State to begin seriously thinking about development of green technology, preservation of the Planet and promotion of Environmental values as seen with Al Gore’s political engagement concerning these matters.

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