Mercenaries and Oil Business

Every one knows that oil companies deal with some of the most stank places on Earth. Like every chaotic region where war is daily life, economy is arms trade, businessmen are arms dealers and traded goods are weapons, we can nearly at one hundred percent find also the presence of mercenaries. Unfortunately, this situation is more likely to be found in the continent of Africa, and especially in the 90’s. At the time, in Nigeria, one of the biggest oil-rich undergrounds in the World, an enormous and genially conceived cunt took place. This story is real and unique as it is a friend of mine, a Frenchman actually who used to work in The Federal Republic Of Nigeria, who told me it. The crude oil exported from Nigeria is actually loaded in oil tankers then sails to its destination. As such, it is first stored in huge tanks in the harbor of Port-Harcourt, South-East Nigeria, to be then loaded on the appropriate tankers. Unfortunately for the oil companies dealing in Nigeria, a regime VIP hired some mercenaries (mainly former American US Marines and Navy Seals as well as Apartheid-Era South African soldiers) to proceed to the operation he was planning. So when the tanker arrived at Port-Harcourt waiting for its crude oil delivery from the harbor’s tanks, the mercenary team dived underneath the tanker, dug a hole directly into the inner reservoirs of the tanker but as they were closed water did not flood in (just a matter of physics) then connected the hole to a pump hidden in the port complex through a very long pipe. Once the crude oil began being transferred from harbor tanks to tanker’s reservoirs, the mercenary team activated the pump so the result was that all the oil contained in the tanker directly flooded back to tanks connected to the pump the mercenaries used. So when the tanker arrived to its destination there was no oil in the reservoirs and that VIP regime resold back the crude oil he stole from the oil company’s tanker to award himself a nice healthy profit ! Of course, in order to respect the rights and privacy of the characters and oil companies I talked about in this article, no name whatsoever will be revealed to the reader as, given the fact that this story is not official, there is a risk of judicial trial.

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