9-11 and Oil Lobby

We all do remember the eleventh of September two thousand and one, when two airliners crashed into the World Trade Center (or Twin Towers) in the city of New York killing at least three thousand people. Following the event, president George Walker Bush launched a retaliation known as “The War On Terror”. This led to the war in Afghanistan against the Talibans and Osama Ben Laden’s organization Al Qaeda ; then two years later to Gulf War 2 following which Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s regime fell down. Since then, Afghanistan and especially Iraq found themselves in an infernal cycle : Civil War. That is what we see on TV or hear on radio, to sum-up what is served to us by the Media. But what about what happens in the backstage ? Well according to some sources it is quite different from reality. I want to expose all point of views so I read what they have to say, found it quite logical and that’s why I am going to talk about what seems to be the most astonishing, incredible but unfortunately deceiving as well of all the geopolitical, political and business scandals that I heard of until now in my entire life ! During the Communist Era, the Soviet Union’s political directorate actually developed on the one hand the oilfields of Siberia given the fact that they are USSR’s most viable in time and quantity, on the other hand they proceeded in a strategy that left the oilfields of Central Asia untapped in order to constitute a reserve that would be used once the other oil sources of the Soviet Union would be depleted. But in 1991, Mikhail Gorbatchev sounded the collapse of the Soviet Union into a dozen countries so the new governments of Central Asian countries, especially Kazakhstan, found themselves with huge untapped, but non-developed as well, oilfields. This immediately drew attention of greedy oil companies who wanted to get the geographical concessions. Ok, the companies got their concessions, then what, bloody oil can’t get all by himself to the doorstep of the Consumer, can he ? Given the fact that the Central Asian countries are enclosed by neighbouring countries, the oil companies have to find a way to get the oil to an ocean-access harbor. Then another problem have risen, who are those neighbouring countries ? Well there is Russia, China, Afghanistan and Iran, and if one counts countries on the other side of the Caspian Sea then there is Azerbaijan as well. Each of these nations have no reason to let the planned pipelines pass through their territories : Russia is itself an oil exporting nation so allowing those pipelines would be hijacking its own oil exports, China is a rapidly growing and developing nation so it would allow those pipelines in exchange for a part in the concessions which the US would never agree for, Afghanistan is under Taliban and Al Qaeda control, Iran and the US have no diplomatic ties since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 don’t even bother asking. The only option left for the US is to force a passage for its pipelines ! The most reasonable plan that was designed by the White House and the Pentagon is actually to overthrow the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan in order to create a passage to the Indian Ocean access harbours of its ally Pakistan as Afghanistan and Pakistan are themselves neighbouring countries. But an unjustified war would be scandalous and not tolerated by the international community so in order to do war you have to find a good reason, and this reason was a retaliation for 9-11 and the War on Terror initiated after the attacks on the World Trade Center. The result, as we all know, was the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan by the US Armed Forces ! But there is another scandal hiding behind this one, once the “war on terror” over and US-puppet Hamid Karzai in power, who was awarded the rights to build pipelines on Afghani soil ? Well, given the fact that all the oil companies established in Central Asia depend on the planned pipelines in Afghanistan in order to get their oil to Pakistani harbours, if a company was to have monopole over the control of these pipelines, it would become absolute ruler of the oil trade in Central Asia which represents a multi-billion dollars a year business and that is precisely what happened ! Indeed, amongst all oil companies, Halliburton (a company which’s CEO used to be present Vice President Dick Cheney until presidential elections in 2000) was the only one to be awarded the right to build pipelines on Afghani soil. Astonishing isn’t it ? well the only question that can come out of all this is : did some Bush Administration high political figures took advantage of 9-11 ? or worse, is there even a tie between 9-11 events and the White House ? Now it is up to the reader to make his mind about all this or wait until secret documents are declassified to discover what really happened.

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