Biotechnology Versus Oil Industry

Biotechnology has always been the deadly enemy of oil companies and corporations. For a fact, their purposes are totally and diametrically opposed : while biotechnology’s purpose is to promote renewable sources of energy, non destructive for the environment as possible ; oil industry is known as the most polluting and not advantageous in the long run source of energy. But how do the oil companies manage to keep their “grip” on the energy sector, well it is through hijacking the development and promotion of “green technologies”. But again, how do the oil companies manage to hijack biotechnology ? well there is a close tie between politics, oil business and biotechnology. Oil companies constitute a very powerful lobby as the oil business’s powerful figures such as CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) and important shareholders contribute in the campaigns of politicians, even more, sometimes the politicians themselves are or used to be part of these figures (Vice President Dick Cheney used to be the CEO of Halliburton until US Presidential Elections in 2000 etc.), so given the fact that the Research And Development (R&D) in the field of biotechnology as well as its industrial applications need a lot of money and financial backing for a long term result, which does not fit with the private business’s strategy, the only option left is state financial backing for such costly operations. And that is when the oil lobby enters the game. Indeed, given the fact that they back politicians in their campaigns, notably congressmen, given the fact that any state financing needs Congress approval, and finally given the fact that “the oil business will still be on the move provided that we don’t start running automobiles on water (a symbolic way to represent biotechnology) and provided there is still chaos in the Middle-East”, the oil lobby will continue using and if needed pressuring its political connexions in the Congress or The White House to hijack any chance of biotechnology to make its way in the industrialized modern economies ! But what are these green technologies that frighten so much these oil nababs ? What kind of answer and solution they could bring to modern societies ? is their application reality or an eccentric dream ?

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